About Farm To Farm

Endorsed by more Utah pharmacists and providers than any other CBD in Utah.

Only available at licensed Utah pharmacies. Our coalition of independent compounding pharmacies support the rights of Utah patients to access to safe and effective medically dosed cannabidiol (CBD).   We have partnered with local health care providers and industry leaders to bring Utah patients access to the highest medicinal grade & potency: Pure Full-Plant Full-Spectrum CBD.

We are a Utah family company who is working with Colorado and Oklahoma family companies.

We work with world class farming operations in Colorado. We only contract with the finest family companies of master growers of the region. We offer  award winning strains of  industrial hemp extracts that have been nurtured by true plant whisperers to encourage the right combination of matured cannabinoids that leads us to the highest quality medicinal CBD Products on the market.

Farm to Farm CBD believes that a return to nature and natural preventative medicine will be the next great rising market in this country.  We are a small Utah Healthcare company that advocates for patients who are currently dependent on harmful, addictive, and deadly narcotics.

The Co2 extraction process we use allows us to extract all the available cannabinoids in our hemp plant.  This whole plant, synergistic effect helps aid homeostasis in the body which causes a ripple effect of positive reactions and interactions through out our body’s interconnected systems.

We are a Utah Healthcare company, and we know our market.  We are firm are believers that the highest quality, medicinal strength, Pure CBD should only be available in our local, independent, pharmacies.  We only partner with pharmacists and owners who have proven their integrity to medicine, loyalty to patients, and dedication to our communities over many years of services.

Our Company History

“Be among the first in Utah to get on the right side of Pure CBD and you’ll find yourself on the right side of medical history.”

Shane Ericksen, President of Farm to Farm CBD

How CBD helped Shane battle dangerous prescriptions

Shane has overcome a dependency on prescription narcotics.  Shane now serves as a speaker and facilitator in addiction recovery programs around Utah.  Shane has become a tremendous advocate for those in the Utah Healthcare system who are battling with their own addictions to opiates and other pharmaceutical narcotics.  Shane is a proud to serve under the direction of the Utah Department of Health, UCO-OP (Utah Coalition of Opioid Overdose Prevention) program.  Shane volunteers his time to educate providers about the benefits of non pharmacological alternatives to the treatment of pain, anxiety, and mental health diagnosis.

Shane has been using CBD for many years as part of an integrated recovery and wellness regimen.  Shane has tried all the major labels of CBD, and he selected the farmers and suppliers of the strain he now markets.  Based on his own experience as a patient in recovery.  Shane has eliminated all opiates, benzodiazepines, sleep aids, and antidepressants from his life. 

When Shane and his small Utah company- Baby Boomer Senior Living approached one of the largest and most respected growing communities in Colorado for a white label deal, many thought that he didn’t have a chance.  Amazingly, the owners and executives approved a special privilege white label deal and EXCLUSIVITY for Utah in pharmacy sales.  Shane secured a deal that many larger suppliers were unable to obtain.  It is apparent that the growers like Shane, and they like his model and how he is going about it.  We are so grateful to be part of this amazing network of growers.  We have been able to bring the best value, highest quality CBD to Utah! What an honor this is to be part of.

“Before I began medicating with CBD, it had not been possible to eliminate all of the self medicating that I had been doing for many years”