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New Instructions For Entering Salt Lake’s only Medical Cannabis Dispensary- Dragonfly Wellness Dispensary.

I went in to Dragonfly Wellness at 711 S. State Street in SLC today (March 26th). It was far busier today than ever before. About 10 people outside in their cars waiting for a text message that it is their turn to shop. Another 5 or so in the breezeway, and another 10 in lobby. I waited 25 minutes just to get to the counter. I will share what I learned and save you some time.

I was told that by staff that all patients must register online at prior to coming in. Whether you are using your medical card, or If you would like to get in using your cannabis recommendation “letter” to get into the dispensary, just fill out the registration online. Please be prepared to wait for 2-3 days while Dragonfly calls and verifies all the letters. I was told that 400plus patients came into Dragonfly just today with letters. They are happy to accept the letters, but verifying them will take some time. Please be patient, it is all coming together. Thanks everyone. All the best. Empathetix team.


KSL- Starting Wednesday, qualifying patients will be able to get medical cannabis with cards from the Utah Department of Health and/or recommendation letters from medical providers.

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