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VIDEO – Obtain Medical Cannabis Card in Utah



We just spoke with Dragonfly employees, they are required to do a 24 hour verification, just like the state does. You walk into Dragonfly with your letter, they will call us here at Empathetix to verify you are a patient, and you will be entered into their system the next business day.

Please be patient and Kind with Paul and Narith and their amazing staff at Dragonfly Wellness. They are jumping through a lot of hoops to bring legal cannabis to Utah patients. Let’s love them and support their mission.

Although you do not need a state issued CARD any longer to access Utah dispensaries, if you still want to get your medical card….follow the instructions in the video below. This blue dream SATIVA proved to be fantastic! And for just $55 for 1/2 gram, it is a potent product that I highly recommend.

My personal experience with KEVIN, Cannabis Pharmacist at Dragonfly Wellness. Free consultation for all new patients. Speak with a real cannabis expert so you get the right product, correct dosage, and have an overall wonderful cannabis experience as a legal patient.
Our dear friend Tim Picket created this instructional video for all Utah cannabis patients. THAKNS TIM! If you are a medical letter holder, you can purchase FULL SPECTRUM THC tincture. Pain modulator, very effective for sleep. Promo Code: STUDY

3 thoughts on “VIDEO – Obtain Medical Cannabis Card in Utah

  1. Are we ever going to need a medical marijuana card because I have one do I need to get up on it

    1. we can get you a medical card. fill out application on

    2. yes brad we can help you meet with a Utah QMP and get a medical card, no problem.

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