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Utah cannabis patients may be able to use physician letters at pot pharmacies

If the Legislature approves the idea in coming days, patients will be able to bring their letters into cannabis pharmacies and buy the plant-based treatment, after an employee calls the listed doctor to validate the recommendation.

“This, at least, gives a lot more flexibility and an easier transition,” Boyack said.

The state has issued 66 cannabis cards to patients so far, according to the Utah Department of Health. However, a number of patients have reportedly encountered challenges in navigating the online application process, said Desiree Hennessy, director of the Utah Patients Coalition.

Rep. Jen Dailey-Provost, D-Salt Lake City, confirmed that she’ll amend one of her existing bills, HB425, to enable patients to use their cannabis recommendation letters to purchase from marijuana pharmacies. The legislation would also make a number of other changes to the state’s cannabis law, such as allowing patients to renew their marijuana cards for up to a year at a time at their physician’s directive.


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